Looking to import your dream car? ABC MOTORS LIMITED has just the selection for you! We offer a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles from UK and Japan for you to choose from. We aim to make your experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Talk to us today to import a car that is uniquely yours!


cars from UK to Kenya

Over the years, We have established a network of trusted partners in the UK and Japan with extensive experience in car business. You, Us and these partners, source the best quality car for you, that you like, and one that is within your budget. The car is subjected to various quality and security checks, and we don’t commit your money until you are satisfied with the results of these checks. We delight in answering and clarifying all the questions and queries that you may have.


Once the vehicle has been identified and acquired, We arrange for shipping of the vehicle to Mombasa Port. We also facilitate the processing of all the shipping and customs clearance documentation – Bill of Lading, Inspection Certificate, Log Book (UK), and Certificate of Ownership (Japan). The shipping process takes 4 – 6 Weeks for both UK and Japan Vehicles.

Customs & Clearing

Once the car gets to Mombasa, We facilitate customs clearance and registration. The car is the prepared and delivered to the customer to the place of their choice. The Clearing process takes 3 working days. The logbook takes 5 Working Days from the day we deliver the car.