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With over the 10 years experience and hundreds of cars imported, we have established a huge dealer network in UK and Japan, this gives us access to thousands of cars. Together, we select the best, one that ticks all your boxes, and at the Right Price. We then Deliver it to your door step.


Director,  ABC Motors

Straight Forward Process, for your Peace of mind

Our process

Vehicle Sourcing

We will provide you with a detailed description of the car and a comprehensive quotation.

Vehicle Shipping

We have dedicated personnel ready to do all requisite processes such as inspection and export processing.

Customs Clearance

When your vehicle lands, we process all documents, pay taxes and organise registration.

Doorstep Delivery

We arrange for the safest and most timely method to deliver your new car right to your doorstep.

ABC Motors, Doing Car imports, In all new ways
  • Right Car at the right price, your car your choice
  • Honest and straight forward, for your peace of mind, NO BS
  • Huge dealer network, we are very well connected
  • Over 200 hundred cars imported to happy clients, stress free
  • Only Clean Low Mileage cars, enjoy your new car


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