Looking to Import a car after lockdown

As lockdown restrictions start to lift and businesses are allowed to operate, we would like to walk you through your options when it comes to buying your car.

Perhaps you’re not of the idea of your kids sharing public transport on the way to school, or yourself going to work. Maybe you’re ready to go electric/ hybrid.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the type of vehicle you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing your next car

When shopping for your car, feel free to take full advantage of our expertise – including detailed reviews.

Take your time, run your budgets, pick out the coolest cars and choose one that’s right for you. When you’ve found the one, our expert will take you through the process as easy as ABC.


If you’re swayed by the convenience of importation, then we’ve got your back.

When buying your car virtually, ABC Motors has plenty of information and simplified sales process, where you can go from start to finish with just a few clicks.

We source clean inspected and low mileage cars.

At your request we deliver to your place of choice.

Find your next car

All Covid measures are adhered to when visiting us.

Ready to get going? Head over to our website www.abcmotors.co.ke, and start your search today.

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